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Member Access Questions
BillPay Questions
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Member Access Questions

What types of transactions can I do online?
Specific transactions and tools available online are:

Which types of accounts can I access online?
You can access the same accounts to which you have access with your Visa Debit card or CashPoints Global card. You can access up to 200 accounts. Balances and posted transaction history are among the available information.

If I cannot access all the accounts I want to access, how do I tell you to add more?
You can contact your local branch or our 24/7 Member Services. You can also send us a secured message asking that we add your additional accounts.

Can I open a new account or apply for a loan online?
Yes, apply for a new account in the Services tab or visit the Loan Center to apply for a new loan.

Is my account information available 24 hours per day?
Almost. There is a brief period every processing night between 2:00am and 3:00am during which our files are being updated and when some portions of Member Access will not be available. Please be aware that during peak time periods, such as month-end, some portions of Member Access may take additional time to load.

How can I suggest an improvement to the Member Access site?
You can send us an e-mail at, a secure message or "Tell Us About It" from the Member Access section.

Is there a charge for using Member Access?
There is no charge for using Member Access.

Some services indicate "normal fees and charges" will apply or a "fee will be deducted from your account." How do I know the amount of the fee?
All fees for services charged by the Credit Union are itemized under the Rates/Fees section of our website.

BillPay Questions

What is BillPay Service?
The Credit Union's BillPay Service provides members with the ability to pay recurring or one-time bills through Member Access. Follow these 4 easy steps to use BillPay Service:
  1. Enroll in BillPay
  2. Add BillPay Payees
  3. Add Bill Payments for your payees
  4. Sit back and relax as we pay your bills as directed by you

Is there a fee for this service?
No. There is no service charge or fee for using BillPay Service. The Credit Union reserves the right to impose a charge or fee in connection with your use of our BillPay service upon providing notice as required by law or regulation.

How do I enroll in this service? Click on Enroll in BillPay. Once you accept the terms within the Authorization and Agreement section, you may begin setting up your bill payees and payments.

What are the advantages of paying bills online?
BillPay Service lets you pay almost any business or individual within the United States. You can quickly set up one-time or recurring payments. You no longer have to spend time writing checks and licking stamps. Imagine the time and money you will save without going to the post office to mail bills or purchase stamps.

Are there any restrictions on bill payments?
Yes, there are a few key restrictions to keep in mind:

From which accounts can I pay my bills?
If you have more than one of these accounts, you can designate the account you wish to use for each payment.

What do payees actually receive?
Electronic payees receive payment information in an electronic format. Non-electronic payees receive a laser-printed paper check sent through the U.S. Postal Service.

What happens if I schedule a payment for a Saturday, Sunday, or a Holiday?
Remember to allow sufficient mailing time for the merchant/payee to receive the payment on or before the payment due date. If your selected payment date falls on a weekend or holiday, the disbursement will be mailed the last business day before the weekend or holiday.

Can a payment be changed after submitting it?
A payment can be changed after submitting it. You may make changes to the payment from the Pending Payments section. You have until 12:00 a.m. (ET) on the payment process date to change the payment. After that time, the payment cannot be changed. Please note if your selected payment date falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment will be processed on the last business day before the weekend or holiday.

Can I send payments for a bill not in my name?
No. BillPay Service is a two-party agreement between yourself and your creditor (payee). Payees require the name on the payment to match the name on the bill.

How do I find out if a payment has been sent?
All payments that have been sent will be listed Payment History screen. Payment history is available for up to 365 days.

What is the cutoff time to add, change, or delete a pending payment?
BillPay Service's cutoff is 12:00 a.m. (ET) on the processing day. Any additions, changes, or deletions after this time are considered received on the next business day.

What are Recurring Payments?
You can enter a specific number of payments to be made or select "unlimited" to have the payments sent as scheduled until you cancel it.

How far in advance can I schedule a payment?
Scheduled due dates can be set for one year in advance. You can schedule up to 999 recurring payments or an open-ended payment option.

How do I double check that I successfully deleted a payment or payment series?
Revisit the Pending Payments section to verify that the payment is no longer listed.

Can I stop BillPay items from posting to my account?
You may stop a paper check via a stop payment prior to the payee cashing the check. This can be done online, in the branch, or by calling our 24/7 Member Services. Electronic payments cannot be stopped because the guaranteed funds are immediately sent to the payee.

What should I do if a payee has not posted my payment or I have received a late notice?
You will need to check the Payment History screen to see if the payment was sent. If the payment was sent, you should contact the payee. Check the status for an explanation if it was not sent. Checks can be delayed in the mail or some payees may delay processing. If you notice that a particular payee takes longer than usual to post payments, adjust your send date to an earlier date to accommodate this expected delay.

What if I do not have the funds to cover a payment?
If the bill is being paid with a check, you will be assessed a $12.00 special handling fee and the check will be returned to the payee. Please be aware that when a check is returned NSF, the payee has the ability to re-present the check for payment at a later date as well as assessing a return check fee to you. If the bill is being paid with electronic payment, we will attempt to send it for two business days, after which the payment will be cancelled.

How will I be notified if a bill payment is not paid due to non-sufficient funds?
Check payments that have been returned for NSF will not be listed on the Payment History screen. Please review your checking account history to identify any NSF items. Electronic payments and "check" payments from CashPoints Global and Health Savings accounts, that were attempted but not sent due to insufficient funds, will show as NSF on the Payment History screen.

If a bill payment is returned from a payee due to non-sufficient funds, how do I get the payment rescheduled?
You will need to go to the Add One-Time Payments screen and schedule a single payment as the original. If the original payment was scheduled as a recurring payment, the system will generate a check for the next scheduled due date.

Can I still write checks from the same accounts I use for BillPay?
Yes, you can continue to write checks with your checking account. Checks originating from BillPay Service will have a 6-digit check number to easily distinguish them from your manually written checks.

How do I cancel BillPay Service?
Although you are unable to cancel BillPay Service yourself, you may delete all of your pending payments and payees. If you wish to cancel the BillPay Service, you may contact BillPay Services at (866)-466-2729.

Security Questions

Is my online communication with the Credit Union secure?
Yes. Security is a top priority in making this service available for our members. We have taken strong measures to ensure that your information remains confidential.

The first step is the use of a secure browser. Certain browsers and certain computers have the ability to communicate securely by scrambling the information as it passes across the Internet. The method of communication is called SSL, or Secure Socket Layer. We require the use of a secure browser before a connection can be made to Member Access.

After you reach us using the secure browser, we take measures on our side to make sure your information is secure and confidential. Your information passes through a "firewall" which is a computer specifically designed to keep out unauthorized users. The information is also scrambled again to ensure it can only be read by authorized representatives.

Can I change my password on Member Access?
Yes. You can sign on to Member Access, select SERVICES and then Change User ID/Password.

Why is it important to select "Sign Off" when I'm finished using online services or when I walk away from my computer?
Once you have signed in to Member Access, you have begun an "active session." If you walk away during the course of an active session, someone else can use your computer to perform transactions involving your accounts. It is similar to walking away from an ATM while your card is still in the machine. Therefore, for your security, Member Access will automatically end your active session if there is no activity within 15 minutes. However, to eliminate any exposure it is always better for you to end the active session when you're done with Member Access by selecting "Sign Off".

Quicken Questions

Can I download my transaction history to a personal financial manager (PFM), such as Intuit's Quicken?
Yes. You may download your account information over the Internet through your Quicken program. The online connection that transmits your account information between your software and our server is called Open Financial Exchange (OFX).

Can I use any version of Quicken to access my account information?
For a complete list of compatible versions, please refer to our Financial Software information by selecting the link regarding Quicken download in your Account Summary page. Instructions for setting up OFX downloads are provided in PDF format for the versions of Quicken that are compatible. If instructions are not provided for your version of software, then it is not supported. 

What information do I need to begin using Quicken to download transactions?
To use your Quicken program to download transactions, you must have already enrolled in Member Access. It is also important that you update the financial institution list in your Quicken program before you begin setting up your account. For instructions on getting started, please select the link on your Account Summary page regarding Quicken download assistance. 

Which accounts are downloadable using Quicken?
Open Financial Exchange (OFX) only supports savings, checking, money market, credit line, and credit card accounts. Because loan and mortgage accounts are not supported, we chose to include them in the credit line category so members would have the ability to download these transactions. 

Is the connection through Quicken secure?
Yes. Quicken uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect the privacy of your financial information. An identification number and password also protect your information.